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Social Media Username Ideas For When Yours Is Taken

Social Media Username Ideas For When Yours Is Taken

It can be frustrating when you find that your perfect social media username is taken. If you’re stuck for inspiration, try these ideas… Looking for social media username ideas? You’re in the right place! Read on… Isn’t it frustrating when you think of the ideal handle or ‘username’ for your social media profiles, only to find that it’s taken on one or more of the social media platforms? Especially when you’re ideally looking for the same handle across all your social profiles for consistency. Here are a few ideas for when your social media username is taken… Use Part Of Your Name Use part of your name, for example, if your name is Joe Bloggs, try @JoeB or @Bloggs. Of course, this works better for less common names, as you might find that many of these abbreviations are taken, but it’s worth a try! Use Your Middle Name Or Initial Use your middle name or initial. For example, @JoeSBloggs or @JoeSteven. Shorten Your Name You might have to get creative with this one, but depending on what your name is it might work really well! For example, @JLo (aka. the fabulous Jennifer Lopez). Use What You Do For example, if you’re an actor, you could try @JoeActs, @SarahSings. I think is an especially nice one to use if your first name initial matches what you do… for example @CoachClaire, @BusinessWithBeth. Use ‘The’ Add ‘The’ in front of your name, for example, @TheJoeBloggs. Use ‘Talks’ Or ‘Says’ Add ‘Talks’ or ‘Says’ at the end of your name, for example, @JoeBloggsSays. Use ‘The Real’ Or ‘Official’ Add ‘Official’ or ‘The Real’ to your name. For example, @JoeBloggsOfficial or @TheRealJoeBloggs. Use Your Website Use your website in your name. Now, this is one I really like if it works for you, and it’s a great way to drive more traffic to your site. For example, or @JoeBloggsDotCom. Bear in mind that some domain TLD’s aren’t allowed in usernames on certain social platforms, so be sure to check first. Use Your Location This is especially great to use if you want to promote services in your local area, and this works for personal names and business names. For example, @JoeBloggsNYC, or @BramblesDevon. Use Your Last Initial Spell out your last initial. For example, @GaryVee (aka. Gary Vaynerchuck). Use Your Title Add your title, for example, @MrJoeBloggs or @MrBloggs. Use ‘Daily’ If you’re committed to being active on your socials, you could try adding ‘Daily’. For example, @JoeBloggsDaily, or @JoeDaily. Add ‘We Are’ Add ‘We Are’ before your name, which works well for groups or businesses. For example, @WeAreBloggs. Use ‘Try’, ‘Get’ Or ‘Download’ For apps or service providers who offer some sort of plan, add ‘Try’, ‘Get’, ‘Download’ or ‘Join’ before the brand name. For example, @TryBloggs. Apps could also add ‘App’ after their name, or use a combination of both, for example, @BloggsApp, or @TryBloggsApp. Use ‘Team’ Businesses could add ‘Team’ before their name. For example, @TeamBloggs. Use ‘Support’ Social profiles dedicated to providing customer support for a business (this is more popular with larger organisations who receive a lot of customer queries via social media) could add ‘Support’ after the name. For example, @JoeBloggsSupport. Use Your Legal Entity If applicable, use your legal entity. For example, @TEGLtd, or @BloggsInc. Go Global Go global or local. For example, @JoeBloggsGlobal. Ecommerce Stores Could Add ‘Shop’ Or ‘Store’ f you have an e-commerce store, try adding ‘Shop’ to your name. For example, @ShopBloggs. If You’re Still Stuck… If you’re totally stuck for ideas, you could try using a username generator. Do a search for these online, there are a whole bunch of them available to use for free! Other Factors To Consider On some social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, your profile name is keyword searchable in addition to your username. So if there’s a keyword, or perhaps your full business name, that won’t fit into the username, pop it in the profile name so people can still search for you. Handle Hacks If you really want a specific username that is taken, especially if it is taken by a person rather than a business or brand, try approaching them directly! Send them a message explaining why you would like to use the handle for your business, and see what they come back with. If you really want the username, you might even offer to purchase it from them (but be careful how you go about this and remember to protect yourself). If the username is taken by an inactive account, it might actually breach the policy of the platform. Check to see if the social media platform has an inactive account policy and whether you have the right to report the inactive account. I hope these ideas help! Let me know in the comments what handles you managed to find for yourself so I can follow you on your socials! If you enjoyed reading about social media username idea, you might also find this article helpful.

SocialPilot Announces Direct Instagram Publishing

SocialPilot Announces Direct Instagram Publishing

Woohoo! The time is here! SocialPilot, already a great social media scheduling tool, has just become even better with it’s direct Instagram publishing ability. SocialPilot users can now schedule, manage and publish Instagram content using SocialPilot. For SocialPilot users with Instagram Business profiles, this is great news! Previously, users could create and schedule Instagram content using SocialPilot, and have the app send them a reminder when it was time to post. The content would then open up in Instagram ready to be posted natively via the Instagram app itself. From a social media management perspective, there were pros and cons to this. Some Instagram users prefer to post natively for full control over the app’s features that some third-party software doesn’t offer. On the other hand, however, scheduling with direct publishing is a very convenient way to have content published without the need to be there at the time of posting. This is especially great when the account’s audience is most active outside of your usual working hours, or if you have a large number of Instagram accounts you manage content for. Whatever your preference, for SocialPilot users, the fact that they are now Instagram approved for direct publishing sure is great news! Do you use SocialPilot for your Instagram scheduling? Let us know in the comments below!

Instagram Reels 30 Seconds In Length

Instagram Reels: Pssst… they’re up to 30 seconds in length!

When Instagram first launched Instagram Reels in 2020, they were up to 15 seconds in length and only rolled out to select accounts. Fast forward to the autumn of 2020 and they were not only available to everyone (YAY!), but also up to 30 seconds in length. So, why an article about this now when IG Reels are already so popular and well-known? Well, we are still seeing content creatives advising that Instagram Reels are 15 seconds in length. Instagram announced the update on 23rd September 2020, letting app users know that they will soon be able to record videos up to 30 seconds in length. In addition to this, those who are relatively new to the world of Instagram marketing might not know about this awesome feature! Instagram has graced us with double that time, so let’s make the most of it! Other new features that were added in September included the ability to set the timer for 10 seconds, and the option to trim and delete any clip. It’s no secret that Instagram have been pushing IG Reels, and as the algorithm favours content which utilises the feature that Instagram are pushing, this is great opportunity to make the most of the 30 second Reels available to help improve your reach and visibility on socials. If you’re totally new to IG Reels, why not take a look at this article where we explain the key benefits and break down the differences between Instagram Reels and IGTV.

Banned Instagram Hashtags 2021

UPDATED: Banned Hashtags 2021: A List Of Banned Hashtags

Hashtags, when used correctly, can expand your reach on Instagram. But it’s important to avoid using any hashtags that have been flagged (i.e. banned) by Instagram! We advise our clients to take caution when it comes to using hashtags, in terms of how they are using them, how many they are using, and especially which hashtags they are using. Remember it’s important not to get hashtag happy! Things are constantly changing with social media platforms and their algorithms, and many people don’t know about Instagram banned hashtags. If you’re a business an Instagram, you’ll want to avoid violating the platform’s Community Guidelines and so banned hashtags is something you’ll want to be mindful of. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about banned Instagram hashtags in 2021… WHY does Instagram ban hashtags? Certain hashtags are commonly used with automation software (aka bots) which goes against Instagram’s terms and conditions. Some hashtags are protected and others don’t have the right to use them. There are sets of hashtags which are commonly used when posting offensive content. Some hashtags suggest hate, bullying or threats. Some hashtags are used when posting newsworthy events without any caption to explain the purpose of the post. There are certain hashtags commonly used when posting about and glorifying self harm. HOW to check for banned hashtags: It might take a little longer to put your hashtags together, but as tedious as it might be, it is worth checking whether a hashtag is banned before you use it. Here’s how to check: Go to your explorer page. Search for the hashtag you want to use or check. If the below message is displayed, that particular hashtag might be banned, and related posts may not be displayed. Updated List of Banned Instagram Hashtags You might have been warned about banned hashtags before, but the list is always changing! Let’s take a look at just some of the many examples of banned hashtags (correct at the time of publishing)… A #abdl #addmysc #adulting #alone #always #armparty #asiangirl #ass #assday #assworship B #beautyblogger #besties #bikinibody #boho #brain C #costumes #curvygirls D #date #dating #desk #direct #dm E #edm #eggplant #elevator G #girlsonly #gloves H #hardworkpaysoff #hawks #hotweather #humpday #hustler I #ice #instasport #iphonegraphy #italiano K #kansas #kickoff #killingit #kissing L #loseweight #lulu M #master #mileycyrus #milf #mirrorphoto #models #mustfollow N #nasty #newyearsday #nudity O #overnight P #parties #petite #pornfood #prettygirl #pushups R #rate #ravens S #saltwater #samelove #selfharm #single #singlelife #skateboarding #skype #snap #snapchat #snowstorm #sopretty #stranger #streetphoto #sunbathing #swole #shower #shit T #tag4like #tagsforlikes #tanlines #todayimwearing #teens #teen #thought U #undies V #valentinesday W #workflow Y #youngmodel WHAT you can do to prevent your account being frowned upon by Instagram: Instagram gives us an incredible platform to use, for FREE. It’s only fair that we comply with their guidelines. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are a few things you can avoid to keep your account in check… Have a hashtag clear out. Start by going through your posts and removing any hashtags that are now banned. As tedious as it might be, it’s worth doing! Avoid using too many hashtags. 30 is Instagram’s limit per post, but it generally recommended to use below this rather than maxing out the available number of hashtags. Avoid using bots, i.e. unapproved automation software. Be wary of engagement groups. In case you hadn’t realised, the people at Instagram are smart! They are totally aware of this type of activity goes on. Get creative with your hashtags. If you really want to use a banned hashtag, check the plural versions, or with an emoji at the end (without spaces). DISCLAIMER: Of course, things can always change, so be sure to do your own due dilligence when checking hashtags. Found some banned hashtags that aren’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments and we’ll update the list!

How To Get Featured On The Instagram Explore Page

How To Get Featured On The Instagram Explore Page

Are you wondering how to get featured on the Instagram Explore page? Following the recent Instagram updates and the changes to its algorithm, discovery is now at an all-time high! Previously, Instagram users would only be able to discover content that had been tagged with the keyword they were searching for, or that had the keyword in a user’s profile name or bio. Whereas now, Instagram is featuring content which has that keyword in the caption or alt text. In addition to this, using the in-app features that Instagram are pushing will increase your chances of getting featured. For example, when Instagram rolled out Reels to all accounts in 2020, users who jumped on the bandwagon when Reels was very new vastly increased their chances of being featured on the Instagram Explore page. When creating content on your grid, Stories, Reels, or IGTV, here are a few key things you can do to ensure that you give yourself the best chance of being featured on the Explore page… What To Do To Get Featured On The Instagram Explore Page When creating content on your grid, Stories, Reels, or IGTV, here are a few key things you can do to ensure that you give yourself the best chance of being featured on the Explore page: Add a Location Add Hashtags Understand Best Times to Post Consistently Create Quality Content Prioritize Video Content Optimize Your Bio With Hashtags & Keywords Follow & Engage With Similar Brands

How Does Instagram SEO Work

Instagram Adds Keyword Search in Addition to Profiles and Tags

How does Instagram SEO work? Let’s take a look at what the recent Instagram updates really mean. You might have seen a lot of hype about Instagram keywords, using alt text and Instagram’s improved SEO features. Let’s take a look at what all of this really means… PROFILE NAME This has been searchable for a while, a rather long while, this is not a new thing! If you are a business on Instagram, it is advisable that you should make the most of this section to SEO optimise your profile. Think about what your ideal client or audience are searching for, and add those keywords to your name.Stuck for inspiration? Take a look at Answer The Public or Google‘s People Also Ask. ALT TEXT There’s been rather a lot of hype about Instagram’s alt text feature recently, so let’s break down the facts. What is alt text? The purpose of alt text is to communicate what your image is about. It is the written copy in the background that appears in place of an image on a webpage if the image fails to load on a user’s screen. How does this work with the new Instagram updates? With Instagram’s newly improved SEO capabilities, using alt text allows Instagram to read the keywords and better understand what your image is about. Using keywords with thus increase your chances of being seen on the Explore page. However… Google and other search engines DO NOT crawl and index Instagram images… so using alt text on your Instagram images will not make your photos appear on Google Images. KEYWORDS This newly-improved feature helps users to search for unique and specific content a lot easier than before. By using relevant keywords, it willincrease your chances of getting featured on the Instagram Explore page. Previously, users could only search by account name, hashtag, and location. Whereas now with the addition of search terms (or keyword search), users can search for untagged content on Instagram in a way they never could before. Here’s an example… Previously, searching for “virtual assistant,” you’d only be able to find posts tagged #virtualassistant or accounts that have ‘virtual assistant’ in their name or bio. Now, Instagram allows you to search the keyword itself, and find any relevant content regardless of whether it’s properly tagged or not.

IGTV or Instagram Reels

IGTV or Instagram Reels: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to Instagram marketing, there’s a lot of choice. And for those who are relatively new to social media and the ever-evolving Instagram platform, it can often get quite confusing! You might have noticed the rise of video-centric features across social media platforms, and Instagram has certainly been working on these features. Let’s take a look at the key differences between IGTV and Instagram Reels, and the benefits of each… INSTAGRAM TV (IGTV) You could almost call IGTV the ‘YouTube’ of the Instagram platform. Although it isn’t a direct competitor to YouTube, it can certainly be considered a valid video platform in its own right. With IGTV, Instagram users can upload their pre-recorded, high-quality videos straight to Instagram. They have the option to preview the video in their main profile grid or not, and there is also the option to upload Instagram Live videos straight to IGTV once the live recording has finished. One key difference previously was the orientation – although you can upload both portrait and landscape videos ot IGTV, portrait tends to be the preferred option on IGTV. Having said that, with the recent introduction of YouTube Shorts, portrait videos are becoming popular on YouTube too. What are the benefits of IGTV? With IGTV’s long-form video content you can deliver more content and value to your audience. Make the most of your IGTV videos by posting a preview to your feed which can also be shared to your stories. Group your videos together with the IGTV series feature. IGTV has a standalone app separate from the main Instagram app, allowing users to watch, engage and create. INSTAGRAM REELS With the growing success of TikTok and the increasing popularity of video-centric content, it’s hardly a surpise that Instagram rolled out a short-format video feature! With Instagram Reels, users can upload short videos up to 30 seconds in length. This video feature is popular for content such as tips, entertaining content, behind-the-scenes footage, and brand promotions. Instagram has been pushing Reels since its launch, and users have been taking advantage of the increased visibility and reach by using the feature. Likewise, many businesses have been taking advantage of the feature. What are the benefits of Instagram Reels? Benefit from increased reach and visibility since Instagram are pushing the feature. Quality short-form video content can help to increase engagement. Add original audio or music from the Instagram library. Use the AR effect gallery to add filters. Adjust the speed of each clip. Combine multiple video clips.

Calculate Follower Growth Rate | TEG Social Media Tips

How To Calculate Follower Growth Rate

When it comes to social media, follower count is not everything, and there is much more to be considered (such as engagement, post saves, reach – the list goes on!). However, percentages can be a good way to calculate growth instead of just focusing on the raw numbers. So, if you’re wondering, here’s how to calculate follower growth rate… When it comes to the metrics, we’d suggest tracking the percentage growth, instead of the number of followers gained or lost. What is growth rate? The follower growth rate is a percentage that measures the speed at which your social account is increasing (or decreasing) based on the number of current followers relative to your previous follower count. Let’s take a look at an example… Your social media account is relatively new but has grown quite quickly in recent weeks. You have less followers than your competitor, but you want to do a comparison. After checking the analytics you find that your growth rate is much higher than theirs because you are gaining traction much faster than they are. How to Calculate Follower Growth Rate To calculate follower growth rate: Follower Growth Rate = New Followers / Starting Follower Count x 100%