SocialPilot Announces Direct Instagram Publishing

Woohoo! The time is here! SocialPilot, already a great social media scheduling tool, has just become even better with it’s direct Instagram publishing ability.

SocialPilot users can now schedule, manage and publish Instagram content using SocialPilot. For SocialPilot users with Instagram Business profiles, this is great news!

Previously, users could create and schedule Instagram content using SocialPilot, and have the app send them a reminder when it was time to post. The content would then open up in Instagram ready to be posted natively via the Instagram app itself. From a social media management perspective, there were pros and cons to this. Some Instagram users prefer to post natively for full control over the app’s features that some third-party software doesn’t offer. On the other hand, however, scheduling with direct publishing is a very convenient way to have content published without the need to be there at the time of posting. This is especially great when the account’s audience is most active outside of your usual working hours, or if you have a large number of Instagram accounts you manage content for.

Whatever your preference, for SocialPilot users, the fact that they are now Instagram approved for direct publishing sure is great news!

Do you use SocialPilot for your Instagram scheduling? Let us know in the comments below!

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