Instagram Saved Replies: How To Save Responses On Instagram

Are you using Instagram saved replies? Did you know that Instagram has a feature in the app settings which allows you to create and save responses on Instagram. This is super handy for when you want to use specific phrases or sentences that you use regularly when sending direct messages to other Instagram users.

For businesses or brands who have many frequently asked questions sliding into their DM’s, the Instagram saved replies or ‘quick replies’ feature can be a big time saver. This feature is also particularly helpful for Instagram business accounts that are managed by a social media manager or in-house employee, as the saved replies can help to ensure that replies to customer enquiries are consistent.

How Do Instagram Saved Replies Work?

After establishing one or more responses to frequently asked questions, Instagram users can set up their quick replies directly from the Instagram app. This allows businesses to answer direct messages more quickly and more consistently. Rather than typing out the same or similar replies and phrases repeatedly for multiple contacts, Instagram saved replies can be stored and can quickly be accessed by using the shortcut phrase for that particular reply.

For example, if a potential new customer reaches out askingfor a list of services your business offers, you could use the shortcut ‘services’ to populate your reply with a short paragraph listing out your business services. It’s quick, convenient and super simple!

Setting Up Instagram Saved Replies

Professional Instagram account users can set up Instagram quick replies by simply going to the settings in the Instagram app. Tap settings, and tap on business or creator depending on what type of Instagram account you have. From there, tap on quick replies where you’ll be prompted to set up a new saved reply and proceed to enter the shortcut and message you wish to save.

Once you’ve saved your Instagram quick reply, all you’ll need to do when typing a DM is enter the relevant shortcut phrase and a little icon will appear. Tap the icon to select your saved reply and voila! Your quick reply will appear, ready for you to send.

Have you started using Instagram saved replies for your business? Let us know in the comments if it is helping to save you time when replying to DM’s!

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