How Virtual Assistants Can Help Small Business Owners to Scale

The COVID-19 pandemic shaped the way in which we work. Around the world, businesses big and small suddenly had to adapt to a new way of working. Since then, remote work has been on the rise, and as businesses have been forced to adapt their working processes and cut costs at the same time, Virtual Assistants have become more popular and more in demand than ever. However, the WFH model has actually been used by many businesses since long before the pandemic! Virtual Assistants have been helping to grow and scale businesses for many, many years.

Pandemic-proof your business

The pandemic has caused a shift in many industries around the world and has drastically changed the way in which we work. Despite this, small businesses have continued to scale. Business owners have pandemic-proofed their businesses and enlisted the help of a Virtual Assistant to help them thrive, even in uncertain times.

How a Virtual Assistant can help you to scale

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant is not only cost-effective but also highly flexible. It gives small business owners the flexibility of hiring support as and when they need it, and without the headache of employing someone in-house, which is particularly helpful during uncertain times! Rather than making a long-term commitment to hiring a new staff member, many small business owners are choosing to outsource to reliable sub-contractors (aka. Virtual Assistants), who specialise in their particular industry or niche.

Since Virtual Assistants work remotely, there are no equipment or overhead costs for the small business owner. They can simply hire support when they need it, on an ad hoc basis, without any long-term commitments. There are no financial burdens, employee salaries, or employer taxes and contributions to consider. The WFH model became particularly useful during the pandemic, as it offered a safe way of working without hindering a businesses’ ability to trade. Virtual Assistants have helped small business owners to grow, and are quickly becoming the norm for many businesses in the U.K. and beyond.

Scale your business with a VA

By outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant, small business owners are able to offload their mundane, tedious, and time-consuming tasks in order to focus on what they do best. By having an extra pair of hands on your team, you can dedicate more of your valuable time to the important aspects of your business that produce the most growth. Tasks such as admin, email management, responding to customer enquiries, social media posting, diary management, research, outreach, data entry, and much more, can be outsourced straight away to your new VA.

For more ideas, read our blog post ’50 tasks your Virtual Assistant can do to save you time’.

A Virtual Assistant can take off some of the pressure that running a small business comes with – giving you back the work-life balance you desire. The question you need to be asking yourself going forward is, what will you do with all the free time?

Ready to start scaling your small business? Book a discovery call with us today and together we’ll help you get the ball rolling!

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