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Commonly asked questions and how it works.

Working with a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is a personal assistant who works remotely from home. Put simply, a Virtual Assistant can offer support with pretty much anything an in-house assistant would (except for making the coffee). You might even say that they would do *virtually* anything to support you.

Think of us as your virtual Mary Poppins – on hand to help with your to-do list. We can help you with aspects of your business and personal life, including managing the family calendar, organising holidays and travel, arranging maintenance and planning parties!

Even if you’ve heard of a Virtual Assistant before, you might not be aware of the vast expanse of things we can help with! Some assistants specialise in a specific area such as marketing. Others offer all-round support for businesses and busy individuals.

Some common examples of tasks we support with include admin, social media, website maintenance, blog and article writing, filing and organising, graphic design, document formatting, research tasks, data entry, transcription, content creation, and much more.

We can respond to emails, messages, and enquiries for you, acting as an extension of you.

We can act as your family assistant, organising travel, holidays, repairs, receipts, and diarising events such as your children’s school dates.

We can take a lot off your plate in your everyday life. If you’re a busy parent, you could even hire a VA to help with things such as booking appointments, planning events, and even online grocery shopping!

Take a look at our services page for more examples of what we can help with.

When it comes to working with your VA, it is really up to you and how you prefer to work. Choose to communicate however you like – email, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, or over the phone. You may choose to use a tool like Trello or Slack, or another software. We can be flexible to accommodate your preferred method of working.

What’s important is to establish your preferred method of communication (as we believe communication is key!) – but don’t worry, we can help to get everything set up for a successful way of working together.

When trying to grow a business, there will come a time when you need some support. Whether that’s to free up time to allow you to focus on the more important tasks, or to benefit from the experience of another professional with knowledge and skills outside of your area of expertise.

Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant is a flexible and cost-effective way of hiring, without the commitment of employing someone in-house.

By working with a VA, you pay for only the support you need, as and when you need it. There are no employer responsibilities to worry about either – no employer NI, pension contributions, holiday allowances, or monthly salaries – just one simple payment for a block of hours, or pay as you go!

This is especially helpful for businesses who are ready to scale but don’t want to commit to hiring someone in-house. There is also no training or equipment costs to worry about either – meaning you can quickly and simply onboard your VA, and get straight to work!

Just like you, we’re also business owners, so we will support the growth of your business as much as we possibly can.