Social Media Username Ideas For When Yours Is Taken

It can be frustrating when you find that your perfect social media username is taken. If you’re stuck for inspiration, try these ideas…

Looking for social media username ideas? You’re in the right place! Read on…

Isn’t it frustrating when you think of the ideal handle or ‘username’ for your social media profiles, only to find that it’s taken on one or more of the social media platforms? Especially when you’re ideally looking for the same handle across all your social profiles for consistency. Here are a few ideas for when your social media username is taken…

Use Part Of Your Name

Use part of your name, for example, if your name is Joe Bloggs, try @JoeB or @Bloggs. Of course, this works better for less common names, as you might find that many of these abbreviations are taken, but it’s worth a try!

Use Your Middle Name Or Initial

Use your middle name or initial. For example, @JoeSBloggs or @JoeSteven.

Shorten Your Name

You might have to get creative with this one, but depending on what your name is it might work really well! For example, @JLo (aka. the fabulous Jennifer Lopez).

Use What You Do

For example, if you’re an actor, you could try @JoeActs, @SarahSings. I think is an especially nice one to use if your first name initial matches what you do… for example @CoachClaire, @BusinessWithBeth.

Use ‘The’

Add ‘The’ in front of your name, for example, @TheJoeBloggs.

Use ‘Talks’ Or ‘Says’

Add ‘Talks’ or ‘Says’ at the end of your name, for example, @JoeBloggsSays.

Use ‘The Real’ Or ‘Official’

Add ‘Official’ or ‘The Real’ to your name. For example, @JoeBloggsOfficial or @TheRealJoeBloggs.

Use Your Website

Use your website in your name. Now, this is one I really like if it works for you, and it’s a great way to drive more traffic to your site. For example, or @JoeBloggsDotCom. Bear in mind that some domain TLD’s aren’t allowed in usernames on certain social platforms, so be sure to check first.

Use Your Location

This is especially great to use if you want to promote services in your local area, and this works for personal names and business names. For example, @JoeBloggsNYC, or @BramblesDevon.

Use Your Last Initial

Spell out your last initial. For example, @GaryVee (aka. Gary Vaynerchuck).

Use Your Title

Add your title, for example, @MrJoeBloggs or @MrBloggs.

Use ‘Daily’

If you’re committed to being active on your socials, you could try adding ‘Daily’. For example, @JoeBloggsDaily, or @JoeDaily.

Add ‘We Are’

Add ‘We Are’ before your name, which works well for groups or businesses. For example, @WeAreBloggs.

Use ‘Try’, ‘Get’ Or ‘Download’

For apps or service providers who offer some sort of plan, add ‘Try’, ‘Get’, ‘Download’ or ‘Join’ before the brand name. For example, @TryBloggs. Apps could also add ‘App’ after their name, or use a combination of both, for example, @BloggsApp, or @TryBloggsApp.

Use ‘Team’

Businesses could add ‘Team’ before their name. For example, @TeamBloggs.

Use ‘Support’

Social profiles dedicated to providing customer support for a business (this is more popular with larger organisations who receive a lot of customer queries via social media) could add ‘Support’ after the name. For example, @JoeBloggsSupport.

Use Your Legal Entity

If applicable, use your legal entity. For example, @TEGLtd, or @BloggsInc.

Go Global

Go global or local. For example, @JoeBloggsGlobal.

Ecommerce Stores Could Add ‘Shop’ Or ‘Store’

f you have an e-commerce store, try adding ‘Shop’ to your name. For example, @ShopBloggs.

If You’re Still Stuck…

If you’re totally stuck for ideas, you could try using a username generator. Do a search for these online, there are a whole bunch of them available to use for free!

Other Factors To Consider

On some social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, your profile name is keyword searchable in addition to your username. So if there’s a keyword, or perhaps your full business name, that won’t fit into the username, pop it in the profile name so people can still search for you.

Handle Hacks

If you really want a specific username that is taken, especially if it is taken by a person rather than a business or brand, try approaching them directly! Send them a message explaining why you would like to use the handle for your business, and see what they come back with. If you really want the username, you might even offer to purchase it from them (but be careful how you go about this and remember to protect yourself).

If the username is taken by an inactive account, it might actually breach the policy of the platform. Check to see if the social media platform has an inactive account policy and whether you have the right to report the inactive account.

I hope these ideas help! Let me know in the comments what handles you managed to find for yourself so I can follow you on your socials!

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