Behind every great business is a great assistant

Formed in 2015 and incorporated in 2019, we’re a family-run,
multi-award-winning team of dedicated Virtual Assistants.

Our story

When Jonathan started his first business, he was doing everything himself. He was working 90+ hours a week, wearing far too many hats and had very little time left for anything else.

Being a self-funded startup, he didn’t want to commit to hiring a full time employed assistant, but he understood that in order to grow his business, he couldn’t do it alone. He also realised that there were things that were beyond his own areas of expertise that required the experience of others.

Not only was he doing everything himself, he also experienced first-hand the struggle of trying to build a business as a dyslexic.

When Bethan came on board she picked up everything Jonathan couldn’t do. Although his partner rather than his assistant, Jonathan experienced first-hand the value of having an extra pair of hands to manage the things he didn’t have the time and skills for.

Jonathan Trueman
Bethan Trueman TVAC

After trying to juggle work with a growing family, the couple identified a need for work that is fulfilling and rewarding, yet flexible enough to create a better work-life balance.

Jonathan had initially formed the business in 2015 offering design and marketing services as well as support with tech tasks. Bethan joined the business in late 2015, bringing her administrative, PA and property experience.

Realising that all these things (and more) could be done virtually, they combined their experience and rebranded to The Virtual Assistant Company to provide fundamental help for businesses and busy entrepreneurs, whilst offering a flexible and rewarding way of working.

TEG Virtual

We think virtual working is a better way of working

Outsourcing offers a flexible working approach for both you and your assistant.

For you, the business owner, working with a Virtual Assistant gives you the necessary experience and reliability you need without the commitment and costs of hiring an in-house employee.

For the assistant, home working offers flexibility, a better work-life balance, and removes time and money spent on commuting (not to mention the reduced carbon emissions).

Better performance

With an extra pair of hands and another set of skills and experience, your business can perform better.

Happy working

Home working offers flexibility and a better work-life balance for your assistant. Happy working, happy client.

Rewarding work

The role of a Virtual Assistant is an incredibly rewarding one. We love what we do, and it shows in our work.

No commuting

No commuting means reduced carbon emissions and a lower carbon footprint. There is also no daily commute!

Flexible hours

Virtual working offers a flexible way of working for both you and your assistant. The flexibility goes both ways.

On-demand support

You can have us on hand as and when you need us. Some weeks you might need more support, others less.

Our mission

“To empower businesses with the support they need to grow, thrive and succeed.”

We’re business owners, just like you

We understand what it takes to run and grow a business, and we are as invested in our client’s businesses as we are our own. Getting things just right for your business is crucial. We understand that, without you, we wouldn’t be doing what we do, so we seek client relationships that mutually benefit both you and us.

  We’re in business because we believe in doing the right thing, at the right price, with the right attitude.
We know there are a lot of companies doing what we do.
We all share the same what and how, but what makes us different is our why and our who.

Meet the Team

Jonathan Trueman

co-founder & director

Bethan Trueman

Lead VA & co-founder


virtual assistant


remote specialist


va & bookkeeper


virtual assistant

Our promises to you

Our values, our ethos, our promises to you.

We work honestly

We’re transparent with our clients. We’re here to support  businesses, and we don’t charge more than we need to. 

We work happily

We believe that when we work happily, it is reflected in the work we do. When we are happy, our clients are too.   

We provide service excellence

We go the extra mile for our clients. With a work ethic like no other, we solve problems and find solutions.   

We make it happen

We’re productive. We’ll get the job done and help drive your business forward.


We’ve been recognised for the work we do, so you can trust that your business is in safe hands. 

‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2016 and 2019 MTM Award winners.   

MTM Award Winners TEG Virtual
Corporate Vision Global Business Awards Winner 2022

Global Business Awards, hosted by Corporate Vision.

‘Most Dedicated Remote Business Support Provider’ 2022 Global Business Awards winner.   

CorporateLiveWire Global Awards. 

‘Virtual Assistant Service of the Year’ 2022/2023 CorporateLiveWire Global Award winners.   

Corporate Livewire Global Awards - Virtual Assistant of the Year

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